Circuit Training & Boxing Conditioning

 “Train like the pros without the blows”.


Want to be in shape like a boxer? Circuit training is for you!

Training includes cardio, strength, core and bag work. Workouts change weekly so you never get bored!


Great for everyone of all different fitness levels.


Beginner & Intermediate Boxing Technique

"It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen." - Muhammad Ali


Learn the fundamental skills of boxing with our experienced trainers.  You will work on foundation, foot work, defense and offence skills with a partner. 



Competitve Training

Boxing is not a game - “You can’t play boxing”, it’s a tough sport, not for the weak! 


This class is for the more experienced boxer who is interested in competing in Amateur Boxing.  There is controlled sparring in this class to learn and master the skills of boxing, but always mastering the foundation. Even though it’s an individual sport, you will work together as a team to help one another get better! 

Kid's Boxing 

Ages 6 - 12 yrs


Kids will learn the fundamental skills of boxing while getting fit in a fun away. They will learn foot work and boxing basics with a trainer. Classes are offered 3 times a week.


Women's Only Boxing 


This class is to learn the fundamental skills of boxing and get fit!! 

A great class where you can feel comfortable and bond with other women in sport.  All instructors will be women only. Offered on Saturday mornings at 10am



Class Schedule 


Personal Training

Life gets busy. 


Don't have time for classes? Prefer to train alone or in smaller groups?

           We offer one-on-one, semi-private or group training sessions. Set your goals - fitness and/or boxing technique. 

           Contact for rates and individualized workout plans that suit your schedule and meet your                fitness goals.  


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